Cary NC Paintless Car Dent Repair Services

When your custom car, truck, or vehicle is involved in a minor collision, sustains a door ding & dent, or suffers hail damage, contact the paintless car dent repair experts in Cary NC, Dent Dominator. Our paintless car dent repair services are perfect for minor body damage and will not affect your paint, wrap, or other custom work. The courteous and professional technicians at Dent Dominator can provide the repair services you need on most any year, make, or model, including luxury, high end, collector, and supercars. For professional repair services to your vehicle after a minor collision, hail damage, or door ding & dent, contact Dent Dominator in Cary, NC.

paintless dent repair Cary NC
Car Dent Repair Cary NC

Hail Damage

Car Dent Repair Cary NC

Minor Collisions

Car Dent Repair Cary NC

Dent Repair

Car Dent Repair Cary NC

Wheel / Rim 

Car Dent Repair Cary NC

Window Tinting

Car Dent Repair Cary NC

Ceramic Coating

Hail Damage Repair in Cary NC

Cary NC Hail Damage Repair

Hail damage to your vehicle can be devastating. The multiple small impacts of hail damage, storm debris, and even acorns on cars, trucks, SUVs, and other vehicles can be expensive to repair and ruin custom paint jobs. The paintless dent repair services from Dent Dominator provide a real alternative. We remove the dents without requiring a new or blended paint job. Contact Dent Dominator for hail damage repair in Cary, NC.

Minor Collision Repair Cary NC

Minor accidents and fender benders occur all the time. For cars with custom work, paintless dent repair services are a great solution for minor collision repair. Dent Dominator is your Cary, NC minor collision paintless dent repair source. Our trained experts will repair your car and truck and can even assist with questions about the insurance claims and filing process. If you need minor collision repair in Cary, NC, look no further than Dent Dominator.

Minor Collision Repair in Apex NC
Door Ding Repair in Cary NC

Door Ding & Dent Repair Cary NC

You’ve just returned to your car from shopping, a day at your child’s soccer field, or a movie when you notice it: a door ding & dent in your otherwise pristine vehicle. Stray shopping carts, discourteous drivers who park to close, and other causes lead to door ding & dent issues. Fortunately, Dent Dominator is here for all your Cary, NC door ding & dent repair needs. Using paintless dent removal technology, we repair door dent & dings from your vehicle.

Repairs For Custom, High End & Luxury Cars in Cary NC

When your custom vehicle sustains damage, you may wonder how to get repairs without affecting its current look. Dent Dominator offers state of the art paintless dent repair services that restore custom, luxury, and high end cars in Raleigh, NC & the Triangle area of North Carolina.

Luxury Car Dent Repair Cary NC
Wheel Repair & Rim Repair in Cary NC

Wheel/Rim Repair

Surface Repair and Refinishing for unsightly curb damage, scratches and oxidation. Damage to your wheels can come from curb damage, wheel weight scratches, low acid spray, lug impact wrench, auto accident, or oxidation from road salt. Whatever the finish we can repair and match.

Window Tinting Cary NC

Window tinting can protect your car’s interior from the harsh UV rays, while reducing glare and making it more comfortable to drive. At Dent Dominator we use Suntek Films for window tinting in Cary, allowing you to get the most out of your car truck or SUV. Don’t let the NC sun ruin one of your biggest investments, get a free quote from Dent Dominator, Cary’s leading window tinting company.

Window Tinting Cary NC
ceramic coating Cary NC

Ceramic Coating Company Cary NC

Let Dent Dominator apply a full exterior and interior ceramic coating to your vehicle in Cary NC and ensure it is protected from the harsh punishment it can take from sun, dirt, pollution, rain and general wear and tear.

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Are Saying

Excellent work, attention to detail, quick estimates and it is refreshing to work with someone who does what they say they will do.
Leslie O'Brien
Leslie O'Brien
You won't find better service and skill....You just simply won't.Had a dent is a brand new car and submitted the information online. I received a call, quote, text confirmation, text reminder, and even a confirmation text. Upon arrival I was greeted in the most professional manner. The work was done flawlessly and to perfection. It's impossible to tell where the dent even was. Absolutely the best experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I submitted a form on Dent Dominators website and promptly received a call from Ken. He asked me some info about the damage, and offered for me to either bring it by or text him some pictures. I decided to bring it by and he was very knowledgeable and friendly and gave me a quick quote for everything. I then scheduled an appointment and brought it in the morning. By early afternoon it was done! I had a handful of quarter sized dents in my hood which they got out 100% completely disappeared as well as a medium sized door ding. The main damage was the roof rail which they got out almost all the way. A small imperfection can only be seen if hit it justtt right at the sun but I'm totally happy with it. I think it was a difficult spot to fix so I'm just glad it's gone now. The cost was exactly the same as the quote and I was able to pay online where I also got a PDF invoice. Thanks so much!!!
Mario T
Mario T
Awesome job with great results. Waiting room was really nice and the dent repair was fast and better than I hoped. Highly recommend!
Dan Hughes
Dan Hughes
I requested a quote for a small ding on my new car and the next day Ken got back with me. I took my car over so he could check it out in person and he fixed it on the spot in about an hour and I couldn't be more pleased with the results....AND the final price was way less than other local competitors. Thanks Ken! I'll be back for future needs.
M. Brown
M. Brown
I made a pretty deep dent/crease in my Broncos aluminum driver door. Dent dominator was able to repair it to the point it is unnoticeable. They charged a fair price and did excellent work. I highly recommend them!
Ken is awesome!! I was able to send a video for an estimate, the price was very reasonable for the dent repair. I made an appointment for 9:00 am, and it was finished by about 9:30! The waiting area is super cute, coffee and tv is available and it was super cozy! I’m definitely keeping Dent Dominator in mind if I ever need repairs again.
Christina Egan
Christina Egan
Heather L
Heather L

Contact Dent Dominator In Cary NC

The paintless car dent repair services in Cary NC,  that Dent Dominator offers, are the best way to repair your car or vehicle after hail damage, a minor collision, door ding & dent, and other accidents in Cary NC. We also provide wheel rim repair, window tinting, and car detailing in Cary NC. Our experienced professionals will remove the damage without affecting your paint or custom body work. Contact us online or call (919)-714-9196 for an estimate in Raleigh, DurhamHolly Springs, Chapel Hill, Morrisville, Wake Forest, Apex, or Cary, NC.