Paintless Dent Repair in Morrisville NC

Dent Dominator provides high quality car dent repair in Morrisville & the surrounding areas. If your vehicle has been involved in a minor collision, if you have hail damage on your car, or if you have dings in your doors, bring you car into our paintless dent repair shop in Raleigh. When you have a custom paint job, or decals on your car or truck, repairing them without affecting the look and feel of your car isn’t easy. The experts at Dent Dominator can maintain the custom look of your car, while at the same time repairing and removing and door dings, hail damage or minor dents. We also provide window tinting, ceramic coating, and wheel/rim repair in Morrisville NC. Contact the dent removal professionals at Dent Dominator of Morrisville by contacting us online or calling us at (919)-714-9196.

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Paintless Dent Repair in Morrisville NC
Car Hail Dent Repair Morrisville NC

Hail Damage

Minor Collisions PDR Morrisville NC

Minor Collisions

Door Dent Removal Morrisville NC

Dent Repair

Wheel Repair Morrisville NC

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Hail Damage Dent Removal Morrisville NC

Car Hail Damage Repairs in Morrisville NC

When storms strike, there is a chance they could cause hail damage to your SUV, truck, car or other vehicle. If this happens, Dent Dominator provides hail damage repair in Morrisville. Our paintless hail damage repair system is perfect for any dings or dents that may have happened to your car during the storm. Keep your car looking beautiful and dent free after bad weather strikes & contact Dent Dominator for hail damage in Morrisville, today.

Repairs For Minor Auto Collisions in Morrisville NC

Fender benders and other minor collisions that don’t do significant damage to your car don’t need to go to a body shop, often times a paintless dent removal company can take care of the damage quickly and without the hassle of going to a body shop. If your car, truck, or SUV has been involved in a minor collision, talk to the experts at Dent Dominator for minor collision repair in Morrisville NC.

Minor Collision Repair in Morrisville NC
Door Ding & Dent Repair in Morrisville NC

Door Dent & Door Ding Repair in Morrisville NC

Have you ever gone into a store only to find that when you leave that there your car has been damaged by a shopping cart or someone who parked a little too close to your car? Door dents & minor dings generally aren’t covered by your insurance company, but they can decrease the value of your automobile. At Dent Dominator, we provide high quality door dent & door ding repair in Morrisville NC.

Luxury, Supercar & Collector Car Dent Repair Morrisville NC

Custom cars, super cars, and luxury cars are big investments and even small dings or dents can ruin the look and drastically decrease the value of your vehicle. It’s important to choose a Morrisville dent removal company that has experience dealing with high end or luxury vehicles. Dent Dominator has the knowledge, experience and technology to make sure that your luxury car is treated with the care it deserves.

Luxury Car Dent Removal in Morrisville NC
wheel repair in Morrisville NC & rim repair Morrisville NC

Wheel Repair & Rim Repair in Morrisville NC

If the wheels or rims of your car have been scratched, dinged, or damaged in other ways, our team can help make them look as good as new. We repair rims and wheels that have damage from running into curbs, oxidation, minor car accidents and more. Learn more about our wheel & rim repair services in Morrisville NC.

Window Tinting Company Morrisville NC

Having your windows tinted in Morrisville NC can mean more privacy, lower car temperatures, increased comfort and shielding from harmful UV rays. All of this can also increase the value of your car. However, it is important to find a company that knows how to properly tint your windows. Dent Dominator is a window tinting company near Morrisville NC that has the experience you want to make sure that your car windows are brought to the shade you want the first time.

Window Tinting Morrisville NC
Auto Detailing in Chapel Hill NC

Auto Detailing Morrisville NC

Dent Dominator offers exterior and interior ceramic coating in Morrisville. We will make sure that your car sparkles and shines like the day it was new. We are a full service high-end ceramic coating service and we are sure that you’ll be thrilled with the results.

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Are Saying

I had a fantastic experience with Ken! I had a small door ding on my rear passenger side and by the time he was done, I couldn’t even remember where the ding was! Ken did great work and was a pleasure to work with. I fully understand why he has so many positive reviews!
Cady Whitehurst
Cady Whitehurst
11:07 26 Jul 22
My experience was awesome. Ken save me over $200+, free Wi-Fi, nice and clean area to relax while Ken worked on the dent and scratch. The snacks area is worth the wait alone. The baked cookies were delicious!! Ken was very nice and friendly, took the time to look at what I needed done. I Can’t even tell where the scratch or dent was. Fast, reliable service with same day appointment. I’m very satisfied with the work that was performed and the price!!!Check them out for yourself!!Dent Dominator comes highly recommended.
Drea West
Drea West
22:37 25 Jul 22
Ken did an excellent job fixing an annoying ding on the hood of my 2019 Tahoe. You can’t tell that the dent was ever there! Amazing work and I’m absolutely satisfied with the result! Jamie and Ken are fabulous to work with too!
Jay Turner
Jay Turner
21:01 22 Jul 22
Ken did an amazing job on my recently acquired 1987 Porsche that I am restoring. I would highly recommend Dent Dominator!!
Mike Gorman
Mike Gorman
20:05 21 Jul 22
Great work, great service !
Shri Babu
Shri Babu
19:14 19 Jul 22
Excellent service from Ken, he understands the customer and for sure dominates the dents. The pictures says it all. Highly recommend Dent Dominator before going to a collision shop! Paint less work for a Pain less service, thank you Ken!
Saul Rivera
Saul Rivera
00:14 16 Jul 22
I've gone to Dent Dominator several times to fix shopping cart dings. Lucky for them, my luck with the dreaded shopping carts isn't good. Highly recommend for fixing annoying dings and dents on your vehicle!!
Eric Bronstein
Eric Bronstein
16:42 13 Jul 22
Great, fast service! Had a ding in my truck bed that was removed perfectly!
oseer williams
oseer williams
19:46 08 Jul 22
I had a great experience with Ken at Dent Dominator. I brought him my Mazda CX-5 that had two bad dents on the hood. One was especially bad due to the previous car owner attempting to push it out and failing. I honestly thought it couldn't be repaired, but Ken did an absolutely amazing job removing the dents, and for a reasonable price. I will definitely be back for any future dent repairs!
Lauren Parker
Lauren Parker
13:38 07 Jul 22
We have been using Ken for our fleet of vehicles. His work is exceptional as his attention to detail. I would highly recommend his services.
Carolina Car Service
Carolina Car Service
11:23 01 Jul 22


When your car is damaged by hail, a minor collision, or a door dent or ding, you should contact Dent Dominator. We provide high quality car dent repair in Morrisville and the rest of the triangle area. Additionally, our services now include wheel & rim repair, window tinting, and ceramic coating in Morrisville. Our Paintless dent repair will make your vehicle look the same as it did before any damage. You can contact us online or call us at (919)-714-9196 to schedule an appointment. We also provide our car dent repair services in Wake Forest, Raleigh, Cary, Holly Springs, Durham, Chapel Hill, Apex, Morrisville and beyond.