Ford and Alibaba Set to Unleash Vending Car Machine

While not the super-car vending machine from Singapore that we’ve all become familiar with via the internet, Ford’s latest partnership with Alibaba will no doubt still impress.

As the ever-competitive automotive market continues to via for our attention, Ford took a giant step forward, at least for now, when it comes to the customers test drive experience.  Enter the vending machine.

Instead of pacing back and forth on a flat and sometimes hot car lot, often trying to look at a vehicle without catching the unwanted attention of a salesperson, good luck with that, “Super Test-Drive Experience” takes it to a whole new level, literally.

Super Test Drive Experience

Here is how it works. Users download the Tmall app, select one of over 100 plus cars to test drive, the machine sends the car down a lift, you snap a selfie to confirm your test drive, then for three days you are off to put the vehicle through it’s paces with not a sales person in sight.

Your cost? The fees range from $16-$32 American dollars but if your credit is good enough the fee is waived.

With new companies like Carvana setting the pace for vending machine autoplexes in the US, one wonders if Ford’s new for-a-limited-time venture with Alibaba in China is a test run for greater and higher things to come in the Western World.