We may not all have been born with the genetic makeup of an MI6 British Agent, but at least we can pose as one.

In the 1964 James Bond hit “Goldfinger”,  Q retired the beloved Bentley and ushered in our soon to be love affair with James Bond and his Aston Martins with the DB5. Every since then, with each new series release, the car has become synonymous with James Bond himself, both British, fierce and dare we say sexy.  While men may dream of becoming a real life 007, at least in the meantime you can live vicariously through his ride.

On April 20, actor Daniel Craig’s Aston Martin can be yours if the price is right during Christie’s  Exceptional Sale in New York city. Estimated to fetch upwards of $600, 000, Craig will be donating all proceeds from the sale to Opportunity Network, a nonprofit supporting students on their quest to attend college.

All in for a good cause, this 2014 Centenary Edition Vanquish was produced in commemoration of Aston’s 100th birthday.  Daniel Craig himself teamed up with the British luxury brand to create this timeless beauty.  From the exterior tones of midnight-blue and the blue-on-blue hand stitched leather interior to the sterling silver and enamel wings, this magnificent specimen of auto engineering is no less than Bond worthy.

In case looking good isn’t enough, and of course it is never enough, this 6 speed automatic transmission Vanquish 6-liter V-12 launches from 0 to 62 mph in 4.1 seconds hitting a top speed of 183 mph.

Owning Daniel Craig’s Aston Martin may not turn you into James Bond over night but for a good cause you’ll still become someone’s hero and who knows, you may “Never Say Never Again.”