by Ethan Mori

$10 Million State-of-the-art Automotive Home for your Cars

Looking for the perfect place to house your car collection? Look no further!  The dream home for your autos can be found on the Pacific coast in Malibu, California.  This expansive space was developed and designed by Steve and Azita Goldman.  The 7,000 square-foot “showroom” can store 25 cars with ample space to spare, but that’s not even the best part.  The gem is in what you don’t see.


Museum-quality integrated clean-room technology is the secret sauce here.  Steve Goldman, two-time Master Championship winner in the Pirelli Porsche Race Series, didn’t start out as a race car driver.  An engineer in the tech world by trade, he contacted museums around the world to find out their formula for keeping 1,000-year-old paintings and priceless artwork from deteriorating.

Automotive Home for your Cars


The answer? High-tech humidity and temperature control.  That was all Steve needed to know.  Armed with this information, this auto enthusiast’s dream garage was brought to life boasting temperature and humidity control alongside dust and anti-bacterial control.


Currently in residence there are Goldman’s yellow 2002 Ferrari 360 GT, Ferrari 360 Challenge, 600hp Ruf Turbo Wide Body, 2014 McLaren P1, 2001 Pagani Zonda Coupe, and a small group of Porsches in a proverbial sea of prancing horses.

Current Car Collection

If you are thinking a few of those cars need to find a permanent home among your current collection, you could possible make that a reality.  All of the incredible automobiles currently housed are up for negotiations into the purchase price, excluding the Zonda, 360 GT, and 911R.

To some, a garage is a place to store cars, but this venue is a work of art, just like the vehicles inside it.